The Moto 360 and Moto X Reviews That Journalists Missed

by Blagica Bottigliero

I’ve been using my Moto 360 watch and second generation MotoX for about two weeks. Yes, I paid for these devices outright.  A few of you asked if my old Motorola connections ‘hooked me up’. That would be a ‘no’. I also bought the phone outright,  no contract.

I needed each device for various reasons 1.) My 1st generation MotoX smashed after my foolish attempt at getting a bad photo and 2) I needed a regular, everyday watch.  Before each device came out, I read almost every review, blog post and video about what the top tech folks thought of the design, battery life, usability, etc.  The texting and email features were mentioned, along with the directions.

But how could a regular person use this in everyday life?   Read on.

In addition to being a tech lover, I’m a mom and a wife. I also have a great job that enables me to work remote from wherever I want. Yes, it’s pretty fabulous. My life is also busy, full of notifications, schedules and to-do lists. Here are some use cases that my Pitcher/Batter combination of the MotoX + Moto 360 have made my life even more efficient.

Less typing

When I’m in the kitchen prepping dinner or don’t have time to fiddle with typing, I can speak into my watch and the action that I need is brought up on my phone. The other day, I was in the middle of a massive kitchen clean up. I needed some energy, turned to my watch and said, ‘Play Janet Jackson on YouTube’. The watch brought up a search result, which then gave me the option to open on my phone. I DID need to click the ‘open on phone’ prompt. After that, the MotoX found a random Janet song and began to play.

Yes, this can be done with asking ‘Ok, Google’ in the MotoX or Motorola command, but being at the sink and talking down to my watch was more effective.

Less time glancing at my phone

Supposedly, the Bluetooth distance is 150 ft. I don’t know if this is completely accurate, BUT, the Moto 360 gives me the ability to be out with the kids at a park or grocery store and not have the need to look down at my phone every five seconds. If an email or text notification hits, I can glance at my watch to see if there is something important I need to address. If it’s code red, I can reach for my phone and take care of business. If not, I go on with my business without needing to take out a larger phone that my accident prone self is bound to drop (I know, I know, get a cover. I don’t like covers).

Moto Actions

Motorola continues to make this better. I can talk to my Moto X in the morning to get my schedule and program it to know when I’m home or in a meeting. The device knows when to be quiet on demand. The exterior sensors of the X are also built in such a way where my mere presence walking UP to the device tells me if I have an email or Facebook message – without needing to push a button.

Phone rings when I’m in the middle of something and I don’t want to answer it? I simply move my hand over the whole phone and it stops the action.

Quick pics

The 2nd generation X has the same feature of activating the camera with two shakes of the wrist. I have two kids under five and they are hysterical. At any second, I can put my hand on the phone, do two, quick Bruce Lee wrist twists and bam, picture mode.

Motorola even designed the phone in such a way where I can hold my kid, say ‘take a selfie’, and the front camera activates, snapping a picture. No clicking needed. Done.

 Less of a need to carry the phone around the house

I know plenty of women/moms who stuff their phone in their bra, pants pocket or my latest obsession, ScotteVest cardigans.  But again, I need my hands. I also have a tendency to see my phone about to fall in the toilet or slip from my shallow pants pockets.  These days, I can leave my phone in one part of the house and get my notifications via watch. Michael and I communicate ALL day with texts. Grocery lists, kid needs, dinner ideas, date night polls, etc. I simply reply quickly into my watch done.

Which reminds me, Motorola, you need to work on that text reply timing. Maybe this is Android Watch thing, but I find myself talking faster than Speedy Gonzales to get my messages across.


Remember, we are in early generation mode here. Apps for Android Wear are nowhere NEAR where they should be, but I’ll take what I can get. My recent obsession is Allthecooks. I can bring up a recipe on my phone and then toggle it to my watch. Gone are oil splashes on the tablet. I can look at the steps on my watch and swipe from step to step.

Speaking of swiping, imagine Tindr on your watch, nifty eh?


Journalists DID highlight this feature and I can't speak enough about it. From calling a client to writing a report to exfoliating my face. I use the reminder features all day long. Bonus? Walking around town like Inspector Gadget is pretty rad.

Replacement for Fitbit

No, the Moto 360 is NOT a replacement for the Fitbit, but I get my steps AND I get my heart rate. Good enough for me. I was never into the whole physical-activity-competition with-my-friends thing.

Other notes

  • don't get notifications for every app because this WILL decrease your battery
  • have fun with the various Moto 360 watch faces
  • cupping your palm over the watch face will the light go away
  • the design is gorgeous and the face is flush against my wrist, a nice touch

We are in the early stages of wearables, but we aren’t in the early stages of women who happen to be quite tech-oriented. We are the same women who are mothers and use gadgets for the sake of geekdom+multi taking efficiency. You can catch more tech chat via Ladies Talk Tech, Sundays at 8 pm CST.