(blah'-gee-tsa) (boh-til-ee-eh-ro)

“There’s a thing I call the “X” factor. It’s hard to describe, but you know it when you see it in a person. It’s a combination of anticipated skills PLUS something else. In Blagica’s case, she comes with the depth of digital expertise, plus an immediate investment and commitment to you and your business. Your business becomes her business. Your success becomes her mission. She has a human connection that makes her part of your team. She is whip-smart and fast; on top of trends, looking for ways to create leverage. She listens deeply.  From man-on-the-street interceptions to the boardroom she adapts to meet what you need. She helped us in both places and more.

We started with nothing. No strategy, no real understanding of how things were supposed to work, no metrics, no community responsiveness and she knitted all those things together for us. She was strategist and worker bee. In a year the result has been a minimum of double digit, and in some places, triple digit platform growth, a healthier, more positive interactive community, and actionable metrics.

While we are in our nascence digitally, there is no question that she brings a mastery of strategy and execution at any level. 

Lots of companies offer digital strategy and execution. They’re me-too’s. Go for the “X” factor advantage and put her on your team.”

Karyn Pettigrew, EVP,Fashion Fair Cosmetics