Hidden Pocket Fun with the SCOTTeVEST Lucille Cardigan

by Blagica Bottigliero

I've been on a productivity kick lately. From the way I work, check email, clean my house, spend time with the family and most recently, my closet, it's been night and day. The latest obsession? This SCOTTeVEST cardigan.

First, let's back up to my 20s. I was an avid traveler and had a particular dark denim jean jacket that I wore to the bone.  I loved it. It also had a slew of hidden pockets. I remember trucking up the Swiss Alps, layered up,  with the jean jacket being the final layer. Hands free, I had easy access to my camera, keys and other travel needs. 

As the years went on, I've used every iteration of purse, sack and bag you can imagine.  A mom with two kiddos, I even attempted the use of the traditional diaper bag. Let's face it, we are always going to need bags. But for those moments where I need to run  a quick errand, grab coffee or take the kids for a walk, I don't want to carry anything.  This resulted in my jean pockets full of stuff or my drawstring pants falling down because I had its pockets full of things. 

That's when I remembered listening to an old podcast about vests that techies wear when they go to conferences. After some Googling, I found SCOTTeVEST. A few clicks to the women's section and I found my cardigan. Yes, at a hefty price for a cardigan ($80), you may think it's too much, but let me finish.

The Lucille comes in two colors (there is a shorter version with more colors).  There are two 'warming' pockets that are pretty deep. Within each pocket, there are smaller zippered pockets. This is the magic. I store my phone, some cash and keys in those pockets. Around the collar of the cardigan, the Lucille comes with a built in shawl of sorts, it gives an extra punch to the sweater. The shawl also doubles as a quick protector from the rain. 

Lucille Cardigan

SCOTTeVEST started out as a company creating solutions for travelers, creating hidden pocket products from vests to sweaters to trenchcoats.  The mind of traveler is included in the styling of the Lucille because I can roll it up in my luggage or backpack without issue. It makes a great replacement for the airplane blanket and has come in handy in air conditioned stores and coffee shops. 

Cute cover up, check.

A place to put some gear when I'm out and about, check.

Easy to fold up for meetings, trips or around the house, check.