What a difference a year makes

by Blagica Bottigliero

On August 13, 2012, I received ‘the call’.

It was the day when we knew the first wave of major layoffs was coming. It was no surprise, we just didn’t know who was staying or going.

And damn it felt good to cry.

After the meetings occurred and the parting documents were signed, I wondered what I’d do next. Part of me wanted to relax, bake, read, hang out with my eldest and wait for the new baby. Then my phone started to ring.  A lot. Recruiters, former colleagues and new start ups were calling.  Companies were in need of digital marketing experts and my name kept coming up in discussions. I was happy, flattered and blown away by the reaction from the space.


I decided that a corporate environment, as great as it can be, was no longer for me. Within a few weeks, I decided to form my second LLC, Zlato Digital.  I didn’t want to define exactly what I did because I wanted to meet with peers, understand what the trends were and where the pain points are. Organic growth with no pressure. 


So I took meetings. A lot of meetings.

I began working on a few key projects. 

I went to baby checkups.

I began making up for the time I missed around my little girl.

I began getting back to the post Orbitz entrepreneurial roots I missed. From the days of my first consulting practice, Bsolutions, to the days of self funding a startup and running a community for women.

Before I knew it, I finished my initial projects and was in labor with my second child. I took a semi maternity leave, but kept on building this new ‘thing’. 

I took on co-working space at 1871.  It was fantastic to reconnect with old friends from the early tech years, but it quickly became time to find a larger space. I’ll be moving into new space at Industrious, early September.

Ladies Talk Tech_Final_300.jpg

I also decided to launch an online tech show, Ladies Talk Tech.

New company, new baby, new office space and new tech show.

In one year.  

Thank you to everyone who supported me this year. It's been a tremendous and rewarding transition.

Special shout out to Motorola for helping me lean in even more than I did before.  

The person who gets the biggest thank you? My husband. He's the one who looked me dead in the eye when I was pregnant and said, 'Go for it.' So I did.