Coding is not the only answer to tech innovation.

by Blagica Bottigliero

The powers that be, both business and political, need to stop addressing the same

mantra as it relates to growing innovation and technology in Chicago. So I’ll say it here.

Learning how to code is not the answer for everyone. 

The irony is, this is a well known fact, but every blurb or opportunity I have to hear the Mayor or Deputy Mayor speak, it’s about finding more coding (engineering) talent in Chicago.

Here is some food for thought:

What about finding amazing warehouse managers? I can only imagine how complex the systems would be to manage a massive inventory epicenter like Amazon’s.

How about teaching the art of technical project management?

What if someone doesn’t want to code? What if someone truly can’t stand code?

I do agree with the majority of thought leaders that we need more engineers in Chicago. I get it.  But if you think about the greater Chicago AREA, there is a talent pool out there and we need many of them for non code related things.

Today, learning how to code is sexy. It will be sexy for a long time.

But so is being in that back office, analyzing data or calling up a client and checking in on their needs.