Consumers are getting control back from the wireless carriers

by Blagica Bottigliero

source The Verge

source The Verge

Some major developments are happening in the world of the cell phone business - and you should all take advantage of them. Let’s break down two of those changes.




 Second tier/pre-paid carriers are supporting smartphones

Gone are the days of thinking boost, Virgin and Straight Talk Wireless are second class carriers. The second tier carrier market usually BUYS BANDWIDTH from the Big Guns like AT&T and Verizon. In many cases, you are using a fantastic network, but at the fraction of the price.  The major carrier makes their money by selling some space to another line of carriers. You, the consumer, get the same high speeds at a lower rate and a less constricting contract.

T-Mobile’s moves

When T-Mobile announced their Uncarrier structure, the industry gasped. Huh? What? The two-year contract with a hefty cancellation fee, was standard. Not any more.

After the zero contract announcement, T-Mobile just stepped up the game with Jump, allowing consumers to upgrade their phones every six months, for a fee of ten bucks.


AT&T just announced their Next program.

It appears that Verizon may announce a similar model soon.

And so it begins.