Why Moms Should Consider a Wearable Device in 2015

by Blagica Bottigliero

This post is a more detailed overview of how I use my Moto 360 watch.  Yes, I did work at Motorola, but I purchased the Moto 360 watch on my own, use it everyday and it isn’t a review unit. I also own the 2nd generation MotoX.  

I am writing this update with a strong belief that moms/parents need to consider a wearable device for their future purchase.  For me, being hands free to do a slew of things has been liberating. I’m going to break down the ways I use the Moto 360. Apple funs, the iWatch comes out in 2015 as well.


I set up my Moto360 with Google Hangouts and Gmail notifications. I can send messages and respond to them with the simple flick of a wrist. I am the Queen of breaking my phone because I’m doing too many things at once – I am also an avid walker.  During these cold Minnesota days, I can walk to and from work and retrieve important messages from my husband while looking down at my watch.  With winter gloves that enable screen touches, bam, done. No need to pull out my device, finagle around and accidentally drop it when trying to read a message. I feel like James Bond or Inspector Gadget talking into my watch via headset or straight up into the face. Double bonus. And yes, I angle my wrist and talk into my phone like I’m on a secret mission, ‘Remind me to buy milk tomorrow’. For extra kicks, I tap my right ear like a Secret Service agent guarding the President.

How many times are you digging into your purse or bag to find that phone to text someone?  First you think you put the phone in one compartment but then realized you changed bags and it’s in another compartment. I also hated the way I presented myself in public. Checking the phone again and again. On one hand, I love being able to connect to my husband and friends in an instant. On the other hand, I disliked taking my phone from it’s safe place. Before you say to yourself, ‘Well don’t text so much’.  No dice. I have two little kids and if my husband asks me about any random thing about the kids or the house, I like to be available.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 8.54.15 PM.png

One more note, I can respond to Facebook messages from my Moto 360.


Let’s go back to how much of a fan I am of walking.  I also love pockets. My Lands’ End winter coat is my new best friend. Seriously, I love her. Yes, her name is Merlot. I stuff my keys, bus pass, etc in my pockets. From there, my gloved hands go in my side pockets and I am ready to roll. My coat has this nifty chest pocket for my phone. It’s lovely. But it’s also inconvenient for me to whip out the phone to change songs now and then. No more with the Moto 360. I can go from Google Music song to song with my watch with a simple tap of the forward arrow.


I was shopping at Whole Foods today.  Before I left the house, I put my grocery list together via Google Keep.  Google Keep is also available via Android Wear. There I was, pushing my almost 2-year old and going between filling the cart with bananas and the like, checking my wrist for the next item and having two hands free to control the potential display disaster or random pear that gets flung to the next fruit box (you know this happens to you). On the way TO Whole Foods, I was at a red light and forgot to add croissants to my list. No problem. I used the voice action, ‘Open Google Keep’, my most recent list was there and I added ‘croissants’ with the combo of pressing the ‘+’ button, then saying ‘croissants’. Done.


Women are known to be natural multi-taskers. It’s at those odd times that I remember to do random things. I’ll be making the bed, think about my day and remember that I need to send my mom freshly printed pictures of the kids. Or I’ll be at the park and remember that I wanted to buy new sandals because the ones I was wearing were ripped. With a wearable like the Moto 360, it’s easy. I talk to my phone and say, ‘Remind me to X tomorrow’. Done. I don’t need to leave my kids or the bed, find my phone, activate the reminder feature and type things in. I simply speak and it’s set. Yes, I tell myself to take care of my skin.

The reminder feature came in handy during the holidays but is coming in even more handy with our upcoming move back to IL.  From calling the movers to setting up utilities, I remind myself to do things during off hours, all while staying efficient and up to date with my work.

Are you a writer? Even better. How many times are you strolling to the store and you come up with a brilliant topic? Talk into your wearable and sync up to your other lists.


I own a Fitbit. Loved it. Still love it, however, my Moto 360 has the steps feature built in. With Google Fit, I can also track various fitness activities.  If I want to check in on how my step intake is at the moment, I tell my phone, ‘Show me my steps’. I just downloaded Google Fit and am getting used to all of its activity features. I may do a follow up post about this as as well.


This one can be dangerous to my wallet. Amazon integration to my Moto 360 is wild. I can shop from my watch. Literally. With 1-click settings turned on, I can search for exactly what I need and bam, ordered.

Overall, I am spending less time pulling out my phone and more time doing quick glances to my phone.  When I’m with the kids at a park or even a birthday party, I’m not doing the constant phone check-in.  My Moto 360 tells me what I need to know when and through a simple wrist flick, I’m informed. It’s liberating. I can also change the face of my Moto 360. I’m currently using a gorgeous gold/holiday themed look.

Other utility I recently discovered and adding to my experiments:

·      Jillian Michaels workouts

·      Feedly integration

·      Duolingo French lessons

·      Allthecooks recipes. Step by step to my watch means less splashing

2015 looks to be another banner year for wearables. Once more parents, especially multi-tasking moms, realize how efficient their watch can make their days, the game will change.  In my opinion moms are THE perfect segment for wearables.