I used to have a full narrative detailing all the digital and web work I've conducted over the years. It's wide, varied and like a tapestry.  I've worked at startups, large corporations, agencies and ran my own businesses. Feel free to peruse my LinkedIn page for the basics.


In a nuthsell: I'm a Digital OG, part of a generation of women who helped  build the web. 

In terms of other things you may find compelling about me and what makes me tick, read on. These are in no particular order...

-My name is Macedonian and means 'sweetie'. 

-I ran two of my own startups. One was called Gals' Guide, a community for 20-something women starting out on their own in the Big City. The other was Condo Perks, a shopping portal for condo dwellers who experienced the hell known as special assessments.

-I decided to leave the web for a bit and study French in Lyon. I sailed back on the Queen Mary 2. I can make a killer omelette. 

-While working full time, I acquired a real estate license. I figured I should learn more about the market before buying my condo. I picked things up quickly and decided to get licensed. I sold a few homes before giving up my Realtor distinction. 

-I write stories for my kids. Said kids should star in their own sitcom. 

-The Detroit Red Wings are the best hockey team on the planet. I also grew up in metro Detroit, which makes me one quarter Canadian. 

-As an intern, I once rode the elevator at my agency internship for 90 minutes. All of this was in the hopes to see a glimmer of John F. Kennedy, Jr. who was visiting the agency. Strategy worked. 

-In terms of Big Brands, I worked at Orbitz, Motorola and Target. Agency side, Giant Step, Edelman Digital, ModSquad and The Escape Pod.

-I run my own digital marketing and social media consultancy, Zlato. Zlato means ‘gold’ in Macedonian.

-Carol Burnett is my hero.

-I named one of my kids after a scientist. 

-I once ran into Mayor Daley at a restaurant and the only thing I could think of to say was 'Great job with the snow removal'. 

-Jay Leno made fun of me on the 'Tonight Show" stage.